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    Must Read!


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    Must Read!

    Post  Shadow-Walker on Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:46 pm

    Please make sure you read the rules before you start a topic.

    1. Be respectful to all members.

    2. There is to be no God-moding, this means that your character can not be invinsible. If your character is given a serious injury that means they will not heal right then and there it is going to take some time.

    3. No power-playing, this means you cannot take control of the other players character and make them do something. if the other player gives you permission to power-play then go ahead other wise don't.

    4. Give help when there is help needed. Don't let the new members sit there and try to figure something out that you know.

    Claiming Land

    If by any means you want one of your characters claim a land please let the moderators or admins know.

    How to claim a land?:

    when you go to claim land from another character you can not say you have already fought and beat the ex-owner. Your character will have to challenge the owner then have the fight. this fight can be to death or until the other gives up.

    if the player says not kill their charrie that does not mean you post yours killing them, you must respect the players request.

    What if the Player hasn't been on for a while?

    We will try our best to get in contact with them but if nothing happens with in a week or two the moderators and admins will decide what is to be done.

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